Waxoyl FULL Service Defender 90 or alike

Waxoyl FULL Service Defender 90 or alike
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We offer a full Waxoyl service like no other.

What you get:-

Full underbody steam clean, this is a commercial high powered steam jet wash system that cleans all grease and dirt off your chassis.

We then fully hot power wash with chemical detergent to give a final clean and fully jet wash the internal of the chassis for 20 mins to ensure all debris is removed.

We then let the vehicle dry for 3 - 4 days in our warm workshop. Once dry we then air blast the inside of the chassis to remove any final debris prior to Waxoyling.

We then fully mask off any areas that will not be coated in Waxoyl, this includes the lower body, axles (if required) exhaust system, hubs, wheels and breaking systems.

We then inspect for any corroded pasts that may need repair or replacing (additional charge may be applied if repair work is needed!)

Then we rust treat all surface rust areas with a rust converter, this chemically alters the compound of the rust into a solid matter.

Then all cavity areas of the vehicle is clear Waxoyl treated with a probe wand. We typically use about 2 - 3 litres of Waxoyl at this stage.

Then we Waxoyl the entire underbody and vehicles chassis with black Waxoyl. We typically use about 6 - 7 litres of Waxoyl during this process.

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